Hong Kong actor Sammul Chan has reportedly been diagnosed with brain disease. The 42-year-old former TVB star is known for his roles in many popular Hong Kong dramas such as “Survivor’s Law“, “Triumph in the Skies“, “The Academy“, and “The Four“. Chan left TVB in 2010 to focus on his career in mainland China. Media outlet HK01 reported on November 16 that Chan has not been active in showbiz since late 2019 after shooting an online film in mainland China.

Chan found out that he was missing a blood vessel in his brain during a medical check up in 2018. The condition is hereditary and does not have a cure. Chan has developed a different outlook on life after finding out about his illness, according to Hong Kong media. It has been reported by HK01 that the actor is now focusing on a four-year theology course. Chan is rumoured to have quit showbiz and is focusing on being a missionary.

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Sammul Chan is focusing on work and studies. Picture: YouTube

The former TVB star told the media that he is focusing on both work and studies now. Fellow actor Vinci Wong, who is a close friend of Chan, told the media that Chan is taking a break to focus on his studies. Chan was most recently sighted catching up with Bernice Liu in early November.

Born on May 4 1978, Sammul Chan Kin-fung is a Hong Kong actor, singer and presenter.

Chan debuted in 1999 as a DJ for Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited under his birth name, although most of the time he was simply referred to and credited as simply “Sammul”. From 1999, he has signed with three record labels to release albums, but all were not successful. He recorded a full-length Mandarin album in Taiwan, but the label failed.

In 1999, after signing a management contract with Ivy Entertainment and a filming contract with TVB, he began to officially use the Chinese stage name Chan Kin-fung and began filming television dramas. He later gained recognition as the ambitious young lawyer Vincent in the 2003 TVB drama Survivor’s Law and received further popularity through his role as Donald in Triumph in the Skies, a ratings hit.