Man coding on his computer.

SINGAPORE: Singapore has witnessed a significant surge in job opportunities related to generative AI, outpacing trends observed in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

According to recent data from the job search platform Indeed, one in every 190 job postings in Singapore now involves generative AI. This marks a substantial increase, nearly doubling over the last three months.

Indeed‘s data reveals that the proportion of generative AI-related job postings in Singapore is notably higher than in other countries.

Specifically, Singapore’s share of job postings mentioning generative AI is 4.3 times higher than in the United States, 4.7 times higher than in the United Kingdom, and 6.5 times higher than in Australia.

This indicates a burgeoning interest and investment in generative AI technologies within Singapore’s job market.

Overall, job postings in Singapore have shown a slight month-on-month increase, rising by 0.4% in April. However, the broader job market is still experiencing some fluctuations.

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Despite the recent uptick, the total number of job postings is currently 9.6% lower than the same period last year. Nevertheless, the job market remains robust, with postings still 62% higher than their pre-pandemic levels.

This trend points to Singapore’s growing prominence as a generative AI development and employment hub, reflecting broader global shifts towards advanced AI technologies.

The substantial rise in generative AI job postings signals significant opportunities for professionals in this field and highlights the country’s strategic focus on fostering innovation and technological advancement.