Home News Fresh graduate flies back from Australia to include her grandpa in photoshoot

Fresh graduate flies back from Australia to include her grandpa in photoshoot

Her grandfather suffered from a stroke in early 2018 which made it difficult for him to travel to Australia for her graduation ceremony.




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Singapore – Many were touched by the sweet gesture of a granddaughter who flew all the way back from Australia to celebrate her graduation with her grandfather.

Ms. Ranie, who recently graduated from her school in Australia, made sure to include her beloved grandpa by flying back to Singapore and having a photo shoot with him.

She contacted Little Panny Photography, a boutique studio located at 47 Sunrise Drive, to handle the event. On February 27, the studio shared the story of Ms. Ranie and posted a few of the heart-warming photos taken.

The caption read:

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“Who says graduation pics must be taken at the studio? It is the people that matter. Whatever we achieve today we owe it to our elders, our mentors, our parents. With their love and support, no journey is too hard.

This graduate flew back from overseas to have a shoot with the most important person in her life. She knew well that time waits for no man, she must bring this proud moment home. Grandpa couldn’t walk too far, so the shoot was brought right home 🙂 He was so proud showing his toothless grin from time to time. He got emotional as he asked when would she be leaving again.


Ms. Ranie is grateful to her grandparents who practically raised her since she was a child due to her parents’ busy work schedules.

Her grandfather suffered from a stroke in early 2018 which made it difficult for him to travel to Australia for her graduation ceremony.

This did not stop Ms. Ranie from wanting to share her achievement with her grandparents, so she brought the celebration home. Ms. Ranie shared that she personally purchased the tickets back to Singapore thinking how happy her grandparents would be.

A very thoughtful gesture, indeed.

Ray, who is the co-head of Jen Pan photography, the main company which Little Panny is a subsidiary of, recalled how the whole session went, “The session was heart-warming seeing how she took great care of grandpa and it was especially emotional when grandpa asked her when she will be leaving again.”

“I’m sure many of us thought of something we want to do with our loved ones but put it off until there was no chance to do so. She didn’t want to live with that regret,” he added.

The photos overflowed with the beautiful relationship Ms. Ranie has with her grandfather. Anyone could clearly see how proud he was of her, with his endearing toothless grin.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Ms. Ranie for more details and possibly to share some more of her fondest memories with her grandpa.

This is what she wrote:

“From my point of view, I took the photos with my grandad simply because he means the world to me and I want something that I can keep forever.

“I’ve never been the smartest girl growing up but he always believed in me and got my back. I really wouldn’t be where I am today without him.

“We shared so much together as he lived with us. He used to send me to school every single day.

“When I was in secondary school, he would wait for me at the window every afternoon and watch me walk back from the bus stop and would be there welcoming me at the gate.

I never ever needed a key. There’s never once he stopped asking about me even after I came to Australia. He even wanted a phone so he could ft me.

Coming from an average middle-income family, I am also very privileged to be able to study overseas. This is made possible because of my loving family. I thank my parents and brothers for all their love and sacrifices, my godparents for their massive support, my cousins for cheering me on and my dear ‘sister’ for her support, wisdom, and encouragement.

How true is the saying: ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Thankful to all the beautiful people in my life.”

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