Singapore — A People’s Action Party candidate in the elections, Dr Tan See Leng, took to Facebook on Wednesday (July 1) to address allegations levelled against him regarding his previous job in a healthcare group.

An article in that day had accused Dr Tan, 56, of leaving IHH Healthcare during its acquisition of Fortis. It said IHH Healthcare, a healthcare group that had gained its wealth through multiple acquisitions, hit a road bump when it tried to acquire Fortis Healthcare, a healthcare provider based in India and Sri Lanka.

The article criticised Dr Tan for choosing to leave IHH Healthcare to join the PAP and contest in the elections instead of extending his contract to handle IHH’s acquisition problems with Fortis.

In his own Facebook post, Dr Tan highlighted how “Fortis underwent improvements in operations and turnaround after the acquisition during (his) tenure as CEO”. He went on to mention how “Fortis is a separately listed entity in India and has its own management team, guided by a board that has its own independent board members”.

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He ended is post by reasserting his habit of always giving back to the community and society whenever he can.

Dr Tan received supportive comments on his post and expressions of concern that the allegations  levelled against him were simply a smear tactic by those who wanted to see him fail during these elections.

Photo: FB Screenshot, Dr Tan See Leng
Photo: FB Screenshot, Dr Tan See Leng
Photo: FB Screenshot, Dr Tan See Leng

Dr Tan is in the PAP team contesting in Marine Parade GRC against a team from the Workers’ Party. /TISG