One food delivery driver took to social media to slam a safety distancing ambassador for not being more sympathetic.

In a Facebook post to a public group on Sunday evening (May 10), one Mr J wrote that as he was standing in the queue to pick up food to be delivered, he decided to have a snack as he had not eaten the whole day.

As such, he removed his mask and stood in a corner of the mall to eat.

Photo: The corner Mr J was standing at while snacking

He wrote: “5mins later a Distancing Ambassador came to me and tell me (sic) i should put my mask on”.

Upon speaking to the safe distancing ambassador, Mr J said that he found out that the ambassador was a Polytechnic student.

“So I ask (sic) him I have never been to poly would you kindly demonstrate “How to eat with a mask on so i could learn”, he added.

Mr J shared that the safe distancing ambassador told him that they were not supposed to eat in shopping malls according to government regulations.

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“Well I am sorry due to my busy work schedule, can anyone clarify with me that we food delivery are (sic) not allowed to eat while standing alone in the shopping mall?” he wrote.

“I have doubts that the current generation lacks of common sense”, Mr J retorted.

Netizens were divided with regards to the delivery driver’s situation. Some wrote that the delivery driver should not have written a Facebook post on the situation to begin with. Others added that he should have eaten discreetly.

A few others agreed with Mr J and said that safety distancing ambassadors were known to abuse their powers.

Some workers who have had their jobs disrupted by the Covid-19 outbreak are making ends meet through temporary jobs that have been created by the pandemic. Such roles include safe distancing ambassadors and temperature screeners.

According to a Straits Times report, safe distancing ambassadors, appointed by various government agencies, are paid up to S$2,500 a month.

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TISG has reached out to Mr J for comment and clarification.