Apple’s competitor, Microsoft is said to be releasing a foldable Surface tablet and it’s been reported that Apple is working on their own one now.

Reliable sources said that the Cupertino-based company is working on an iPad with a flexible display, sized between 11″ and 15″.

Apple is planning to launch this new product next year.

Apple has not released a 5G-capable smartphone yet although Apple has A-series high-end processors coupled with 5G capability.

One of the first tech companies to release a foldable gadget is Samsung with the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

When it was released early this year, there were problems with the screens cracking.

Samsung had to recall the products and analysts asked if Samsung is ready to introduce foldable gadgets.

Huawei also launched its Huawei Mate X, a foldable phone with 5G capabilities. -/TISG

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