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A study suggests that racial discrimination could heighten the risk of cardiovascular disease among young Black adults. Researchers investigated 322 Black participants aged 19 to 21, finding those exposed to more racial discrimination had a 9.5 percent higher chance of developing metabolic syndrome by age 31.

It could potentially be due to disrupted sleep and increased inflammation. Although the findings are associative and limited to a rural Southern population, they underscore the enduring impact of discrimination on health. 

Furthermore, addressing racial disparities in health requires interventions that tackle both individual health factors and systemic discrimination, the study concludes.

Racial discrimination may amplify heart disease 

However, it seems that conservatives are taking this information with a grain of salt. They claim that this is not related to heart diseases. Some suggest that heart disease is mostly in relation to the lifestyle choices of an individual rather than receiving discrimination. 

In addition to this, users are adding that the liberal agenda may claim that not driving an electrical vehicle may increase other health issues. But, this is purely speculative and is not rooted in factual information. 

Others claim that those who are pushing for the DEI agenda to be prominent in America may have health problems in the future. Regardless, conservatives are against information like this and are attributing said health disease to be caused by something other than that. 

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