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National chains such as the Gap and Burger King are shuttering hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of their branches, sparking a blame game among conservatives who attribute this trend to what they term “Bidenomics.” Furthermore, several posts on X depict if the country is really rebuilding itself with all these storefronts closing. 

According to CNN, in a blow to discount retail, two major dollar store chains, Family Dollar and 99 Cents Only, face mounting challenges. Family Dollar announces the closure of nearly 1,000 stores, while 99 Cents Only files for bankruptcy, citing inflation and shoplifting. 

Analysts attribute their woes to a combination of strategic missteps, underinvestment, and mismanagement over the years. Both chains were acquired by other companies but faltered under new ownership. 

Despite efforts to turn the tide, including store renovations and price adjustments, the road to recovery remains uncertain for these once-thriving discount retailers.

Conservatives blaming Bidenomics for large brands closing their doors

Furthermore, it seems that conservatives are alleging that the middle class is a dying breed in America. These businesses closing will affect them the most. They claim that in America, there will only be either ultra-wealthy individuals and those who are below middle class. 

However, liberals and Democrat supporters claim that this is in lieu of online retailers gaining a significant boost in America. Liberals add that it is not the President’s responsibility to ensure brick and mortar stores to stay afloat when it is a failing business model in today’s society. 

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