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The controversial topic of transgenders joining female sports is one that is heavily debated. Riley Gaines, a popular conservative sportswoman rose to fame after Lia Thomas joined a competition and competed against her. She is heavily against this movement as her beliefs are that women’s sports should remain as such. 

The Daily Mail states, Canadian powerlifter April Hutchinson is facing a two-year suspension from her sport after she publicly criticized transgender competitor Anne Andres. Hutchinson denounced Andres, a transgender woman, after she broke the Canadian women’s national powerlifting record, claiming it demonstrated the physical advantages of males over females. 

In response, the Canadian Powerlifting Union recommended a two-year suspension for Hutchinson for her remarks, which it deemed as publicizing unfairness against biological female competitors. The controversy has sparked discussions about transgender athletes’ inclusion in women’s sports and highlights the lack of clear policies on this issue. Hutchinson maintains her stance despite the suspension.

X users supportive of Riley Gaines and April Hutchinson 

To most conservatives and centrist, they agree that transgender individuals should either have their own league or not join women’s sports. Many believe that the biological difference is rather significant for it to be a fair fight. To most woke individuals, they feel that sports is not about bodies and exercise, but rather about confidence. 

Riley Gaines states that a man disguising himself as a woman caused a biological female to lose her position in the sport she trained so hard for. Furthermore, conservatives state that female athletes would need to fight hard and boycott sports that allow trans athletes to join in. Unfortunately, the fight would have to start somewhere. 

Furthermore, Americans are blaming this entire trend on President Joe Biden. They state that this will be the legacy left behind by the oldest President of the United States, transgender athletes competing alongside biologically female athletes. Regardless, most X users feel that this whole issue is just ridiculous and was parodied decades ago. 

Eerily enough, the parodies done in the 2000s are now rapidly turning into reality. For the most part, it is not as funny as it seemed to be back in those days. 

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