Hong Kong idol Faye Wong, 51 is known to be a cold person and it is even evident in her parenting methods. Faye’s elder daughter, Chinese singer-songwriter Leah Dou held an online concert recently where she talked about an anecdote about her mother.

The 23-year-old said that Faye had one piece of advice she often gave her when Leah was recounting something that made her glad. It is not something sweet or heartfelt like “I’m glad you’re sharing this with me” or even a simple “That’s nice”.

Leah Dou’s mother Faye Wong is strict with her. Picture:Instagram

Instead, Faye would usually say, “Ah, about that, don’t be happy for too long, nothing is permanent”. Although this is not exactly something we think a parent would tell their child but this unorthodox parenting method worked out well for Faye, Leah and maybe Li Yan (Faye’s other daughter) too.

Leah said that at that time she used to think Faye’s Debbie Downer response was very annoying because she simply could not understand why her mother was so intent on being such a wet blanket.

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As Leah grew up and became more familiar with life, she began to understand that Faye had simply wanted to plant a “seed” in her daughter’s heart with her words, to help protect her from the hurt she might experience in the future.

Born January 3 1997, Dou Jingtong, also known as Leah Dou is a Chinese singer-songwriter who primarily sings in English. She is the daughter of Chinese musicians Dou Wei and Faye Wong.

She first contributed her voice to her mother’s song “童 (Tong)” when she was 1 year old. In 2011, Leah formed her first band and became the lead singer. In 2012, she released her first song “With You”. In 2013, she launched second personal original single “On the Beach”, in the same year, she released the third personal original single “Blue Flamingo”.

She debuted in 2015 in a performance in Tokyo. Later in Clockenflap 2015, she debuted in Hong Kong. She released her first single River Run on December 11, 2015, selling 25,000 copies on QQ Music in three days. Her second single Brother was released in 2016 for a Chinese Shu Uemura campaign. In 2016, she won the QQ New Female Artist Of The Year.

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