Hong Kong beauty queen and actress Grace Chan’s twin brother Derek has been in the limelight lately after appearing in a makeup campaign alongside his famous sister.

Derek also joined the world of social media, with Grace, 29 going on to Instagram to “welcome him” for “finally entering my [modern] 2020 world.” Netizens flocked to leave comments on Grace’s post, welcoming Derek to Instagram. Derek was also teased by netizens, saying that Derek is a very late adopter when it comes to social media.

A netizen commented: “I’m amazed that your hubby has IG before your bro (sic)”. Grace’s husband is 51-year-old Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng who joined Instagram two years ago on October 5, 2018. In the comments section, some netizens raised questions about Derek’s ethnicity, saying that he looks “mixed race” instead of Chinese. This is not the first time the siblings have had their ethnicity questioned.

Grace Chan and Derek Chan when they were young. Picture: Instagram

In 2013, when Grace was crowned Miss Hong Kong, there were netizens who accused her of going under the knife as she did not look typically Chinese. Some also claimed that she was adopted by her Chinese parents. Grace then shared a photo of herself and Derek when they were young to debunk the plastic surgery rumours. Grace also said that she and Derek are not adopted.

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“I think there [could have been] some mixed heritage on my maternal grandmother’s side, but it skipped a generation,” Grace said.

Born on June 23 1992, Grace Chan is a Hong Kong-born Canadian actress, television show host, and beauty pageant titleholder. She was Miss Hong Kong 2013 and Miss Chinese International 2014. Chan made her acting debut in the 2014 drama, Overachievers.

Grace Chan was accused of going under the knife. Picture: Instagram

Right from the beginning of the pageant, Grace expressed that it was her childhood dream to enter the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. After completing her university studies, Grace immediately returned to Hong Kong for the pageant; she even sacrificed her own graduation ceremony in Vancouver.

This year’s pageant voting system differed from the past as the committee introduced a one-vote-one-person system. Hong Kong citizens would account for 50 percent of the final score; the other 50 percent was awarded by the panel of professional judges.

As an early favourite, Grace beat the other nine contestants by gaining a majority of the 170,000 votes that were cast from the Hong Kong audience.

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Finally, after various rounds she was crowned the 2013 Miss Hong Kong winner on 1 September 2013.