Celebrity couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee dote on their only son Zed, unsurprisingly. The joyful and active six-year-old is a frequent face on his parents’ social media accounts and in an 8days.sg interview, Fann said that Zed joins his parents everywhere they go. Nowadays Chris is in Taiwan for work so Fann gets to spend all the time with Zed for now.

Fann Wong wrote a tribute to her son Zed. Picture: Instagram

The mother and son are enjoying themselves as they go on a yacht trip to Pulau Hantu (as there is no overseas leisure travel) where the two went on a few sea-faring activities such as swimming, kayaking and watching the sunset together. It appears that during this same trip, a sentimental Fann wrote a heartwarming message dedicated to her beloved son Zed.

To my dear baby,

Hi, baby
‘Cos of you, Mama thinks that the world is so beautiful
I really want to see you grow up quickly
To go to school, graduate, start working, get married, and have kids
With the simple happiness that so many people experience,
What kind of occupation would you pursue,
A scientist, a lawyer, an astronaut [or] a painter,
Or would you become an actor, just like your dad and I
Regardless of what you’ll become, as long as you’re full of dreams and happiness.
[But] I also hope for you to grow up slowly,
To be able to have more pause  in the carefree days of your childhood,
With no worries, and an innocent smile,
With our large hands holding your small hands,
From dusk till dawn
Mama will teach you, to become more familiar with this wondrous world,
Thank you, baby,
For allowing me to become a mother,
Thank you, baby,
For healing [me] with your beauty,
Thank you, baby,
‘Cos of you, Mama always has the courage to brave the winds and the waves

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The touching tribute by the 49-year-old won many hearts, including Fann’s followers and fellow celebrities.

Like Jeffrey Xu, who wrote: “There’s nothing more heartwarming than the fact that Zed has the support and company of his parents as he continues to grow up! [Fann], you’re really great!”/TISG