SINGAPORE: For a limited time, spending your CDC vouchers at NTUC FairPrice will give you extra cash for groceries.

“Receive an $8 Return Voucher with every $80 nett spend in a single receipt using CDC Supermarket Vouchers, till 17 Jan 2024, while vouchers last. Available at any FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, Finest Gourmet, and Warehouse Club,” announced FairPrice in a Facebook post on Wednesday (Jan 3) afternoon.

FairPrice urged shoppers to “Act fast!” adding that the vouchers are valid for redemption starting on Thursday (Jan 4) until the end of next month (Feb 29) on next-day transactions and that there is no minimum spend required to use the $8 Return Voucher.

FB screengrab/NTUC FairPrice

The supermarket chain announced it will supplement the government’s CDC support package with additional FairPrice return vouchers.

Parent company FairPrice Group (FBG) also issued a statement saying that the initiative was launched to spare “no effort to assist all in Singapore to manage the challenges brought about by the unprecedented increase in the cost of living.”

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Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong said that all Singaporean households would receive S$500 in CDC Vouchers as part of the government’s “ongoing efforts to help Singaporean households cope with daily expenses.”

“The $500 CDC Vouchers will be evenly split, with $250 allocated to heartland shops and another $250 allocated to participating supermarkets,” added Mr Wong.

“The increased cost of living over the last two years due to stubborn inflation and supply chain infractions has led to households cutting back on spending, including on daily necessities.

As a social enterprise, it is our mission to support the communities in which we serve in their time of need. One of the ways that we are doing this is through supplementing the Government’s support packages with return vouchers,” said Vipul Chawla, the Group CEO of FairPrice Group.

On Nov 27, 2023, FPG also said it would offer a one per cent discount on 500 essential items to offset the GST hike. These essential items include fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, staples, dairy, paper products, detergents, and household cleaners—items deemed needed most and bought most frequently.

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This discount is in effect for the first six months of 2024. Toward the same aim, the FairPrice Pioneer Generation (PG), Merdeka Generation (MG), and CHAS Blue discount schemes will be extended for another 12 months at all FairPrice stores for all of 2024.  /TISG

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