SINGAPORE: A domestic helper looked like she was having the time of her life when she took a recent vacation in Vietnam. Not only did her employer sponsor her flight ticket, but she also lent the helper her 65-liter backpack.

On Thursday (Nov 9) over TikTok, Ms Rosisam @rosisam1234, shared the story of her solo 17-day trip from the north to the south of Vietnam, flying out via Singapore Airlines. The woman she works for sprung for her fare from Singapore to Hanoi and from Ho Chi Minh City back to Singapore.

Ms Rosisam posted photos of herself on Bach Long Bridge, also known as the White Dragon Bridge, the longest glass bridge in the world. She arrived at the 632-meter-long bridge in Moc Chau after a six-hour van ride and a two-kilometer walk.

She also visited Mộc Châu Eco Garden Resort and a temple in Hanoi, as well as the Hanoi Sk Lotte Observation Deck and the Ban Gioc Waterfall at Cao Bang, where she posted a photo of herself decked out in traditional Hmong dress.

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From there, she went on to the Ha-Giang Loop, one of the most scenic places in Vietnam. She shared pictures of the scenery and people—including her motorcycle driver—along the way, adding that it was the first time she saw a buckwheat farm.

The travel bug appears to have bit Ms Rosisam, who wrote that she is thinking about where to go next. She also got to meet strangers who were likewise traveling solo, and said that they “became friends.”

When users commenting on her post told her how lucky she is to have such a kind employer, Ms Rosisam acknowledged this, saying they were very understanding. She also said in another comment that she’s been to Hanoi thrice already in different years—but called her solo trip her “best experience ever.” Others encouraged her to keep on traveling the world.

Ms Rosisam has since posted a second set of photos from her solo trip, this time sharing pictures of her hostel (a steal at $30/night!), her favourite Indonesian restaurant in Hanoi (with not one but two takeaway portions of Nasi Goreng), the temple and beach she visited in Nha Trang, the night market, and lunch with a new friend from Greece. Unfortunately, she had to say goodbye to her friend, who was on her way to Hanoi while Ms Rosisam was going to Ho Chi Minh City.

As one commenter on her original post put it, “We often forget domestic helpers and foreign workers are ordinary people who deserves equal opportunity, treatment and a good break! ;)” /TISG

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