SINGAPORE: An employer who is recovering from serious medical issues is seeking advice online about how to deal with her foreign domestic helper who takes several long naps a day and even turns in early each night.

Facebook user Haindah Bte Abdullah shared her experience in a comment under a post on a foreign domestic helper forum on Facebook. The post, by another employer, asked how many breaks helpers are given each day and their working hours.

Revealing that she is recovering after a coma and that her helper has been employed to assist her, Ms Haindah lamented:

“My helper takes nap a lot..she got no baby to take care of nite feed. Only need to shower me n I’m slowly regaining my strength after a coma. But I find my helper nap a lot.”

Ms Haindah said she didn’t know why her helper took so many naps and wondered if she had somehow contributed to the situation.

Sharing a glimpse into their typical day, she said:

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“After go market comes back with me around 930am,she take a nap abt 1.5hr..after do laundry n some house work she nap again. I settle my own lunch n she nap again..only comes to dinner she will cook, some kitchen cleaning before dinner. She settle in early at 8am.”

Seeking advice, Ms Haindah asked: “Where do I went wrong? Didn’t she sleep at nite? my WiFi is on 24hr. She has her own room to sleep. Please advice”.

A number of individuals on the forum expressed surprise at Ms Haindah’s situation. One helper advised her to speak with her helper “nicely,” while another group member said Ms Haindah should communicate her requirements openly and clearly.

One commenter, Jeff Tan, advised that Ms Haindah set a schedule for her helper. He suggested:

“There must be clear tasks to do each day. Some helpers take advantage if they can. But don’t overwork her either. I tell my helper to take a 20 min nap after lunch.”

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Ms Haindah responded that she is okay with her helper’s naps as long as they are not too long or frequent. Revealing that they live in a small house that does not require extensive cleaning, she added:

“I dun feel good abt waking her up when something is needed”.

Regardless of whether there is work to be done, Mr Tan believes that the helper should be available. He advised:

“She must be available, even if not actively working. You set the time for rest. I told my helper that after lunch, she can take a 20 min nap. Rest of the time, if she’s done her tasks, i don’t mind her resting or talking to her family but she is on call.”

Thanking Mr Tan for the tips he provided, Ms Haindah added: “I think I need to be a little bit brave to voice out too”.