SINGAPORE: An employee who seemed to be in a pickle even after he got laid off took to social media to ask his fellow Singaporeans for advice. In his post on r/askSingapore on Monday (April 15), he explained:

“Last year, my laptop charger was stolen off my office desk and I reported it. To my knowledge, I was not made aware if an investigation took place or not. And no one told me to replace the charger at that time.

Now that I’m terminated, I’m asked to replace the charger all of a sudden a few days later. What should I do? Should I still offer monetary compensation?”

He also added that on the day of his termination, the topic of stolen charger was brought up, but no one had told him to replace or compensate for it back then.

“They just signed off my employee clearance form and I was good to go,” he said.

Singaporean Redditors were furious after reading about the employee’s situation on the online forum. They could not believe that the company had the audacity to ask him to replace the stolen laptop charger, especially when he had already reported it.

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They also stated that if he is already out of the company, then there is no reason for him to replace the charger.

One Redditor said, “In general you can ignore such a request since your legal relationship with the company ended upon your termination. They should have raised the request during your exit interview/handover stage.”

Another commented, “No, don’t give them any compensation. Ask them to look at their records and they’ll see that you reported it stolen sometime back. And honestly, this is a small amount to the company. I’m sure they can afford to replace it.”

Others added a touch of humour in their responses. One individual said, “Lol, just ignore, what they gonna do, send debt collector for a $50 item?”

Another stated, “You already sign clearance form, what they going to do? Engage lawyer to sue you for a stupid charger? Glad you left this company.”

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