SINGAPORE: In a strategic move to bolster its workforce, Emirates Airlines is set to initiate its inaugural recruitment drive in Singapore this year, aiming to hire experienced aircraft engineers.

In an official statement, the airline revealed that local recruitment activities are scheduled for 20 and 21 Feb. The ambitious plan includes the recruitment of 600 new employees on a global scale.

Successful candidates are expected to relocate to Dubai, where the airline is headquartered. The positions sought include aircraft technicians, licensed aircraft engineers, and engineering technical support personnel.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to participate in the recruitment events, providing them with an opportunity to engage with the company’s engineers and recruiters.

During these sessions, attendees can gather crucial insights into the job scope, salary structures, employee benefits, and living conditions associated with various positions in Dubai.

For detailed information and to express interest, job seekers are directed to visit Emirates Airlines’ official website.

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The online platform provides access to comprehensive details about the recruitment process. Interested individuals keen on attending the recruitment events can also sign up through the website.

Emirates Airlines’ move signifies a commitment to strengthening its workforce and tapping into international talent pools as it continues to expand its operations and maintain its reputation as a leading global airline.