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Elderly Singaporean gets her dream wheelchair thanks to the WP Community Fund

"I wish for a smaller wheelchair that will make it easy for my 88-yr husband to help me get around, especially in the hospital clinic," said Cik Maznah and her wish came true




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The Workers’ Party Community Fund (WPCF) has put a smile on another Singaporean’s face, after it fulfilled an elderly Aljunied GRC resident’s wish for a smaller wheelchair in a matter of days.

WPCF, a registered charity, seeks to help relieve financial hardship for the needy. Since it was founded in 2014, WPCF has provided financial aid or food vouchers to needy families, conducted food distribution and promoted wellbeing by hosting health talks, caregiver training and home visits.

It also runs a programme called ‘BlueCycle’, which links needy households with donated furniture and appliances.

Earlier this month, the charity made a senor citizen’s wish for her dream wheelchair come true. Kaki Bukit’s Cik Maznah said, “I wish for a smaller wheelchair that will make it easy for my 88-yr husband to help me get around, especially in the hospital clinic.”

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In just about a week, the WPCF found a new wheelchair for Cik Maznah. Posting photos of the elderly resident trying out her wheelchair, the Aljunied GRC Facebook page shared:

“Within a week plus, WPCF found a new one for her. We helped her get into it, tried out the enhanced features and she became all excited! In fact, she made us retake her winning shot a few times:) And she chose the shot with her eyes” big big”.”

2020.8.14: Kaki Bukit Division – Respecting our elderly Kaki Bukit's Cik Maznah gets her dream wheelchair "I wish…

Posted by Aljunied GRC on Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Just three days prior to connecting Cik Maznah with her dream wheelchair, the WPCF and other volunteers swung into action to provide another Kaki Bukit family with household appliances after the stove in their unit exploded.

The family, who are living in a 3-room flat, were left without a stove when their gas stove exploded early one morning. Within days, the WP Kaki Bukit grassroots chipped in and got the family a replacement stove and a new kitchen cabinet display unit.

A volunteer delivered the stove to the family and worked with the gas provider to ensure that the cooking disruption did not extend beyond day two. The WP even brought in a contractor to patch up the family’s damaged kitchen floor for free.

The family was also given a new-to-them washing machine through the WPCF BlueCycle programme. The Aljunied GRC Facebook page shared: “This is community for community. This is people for people at Kaki Bukit. A well deserving family taken care by a first-time volunteer who stepped up during an emergency.”

2020.8.11: Kaki Bukit Division – stove explosion unit From modesty to a display of well deserved dignity, delivered at…

Posted by Aljunied GRC on Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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