Billie Eilish disclosed some confusing moments with her assertion that she is attracted to women in a candid interview for Variety’s “The Power of Women” issue. Despite feeling drawn to women, the “Bad Guy” singer expressed that she has often sensed a lack of reciprocation in her relationships with them.

Eilish, 21, shared her deep connections with women in her life. She shared that she loves them very much, love them as people and are attracted to them for real. She did, however, admit to being intimidated by their beauty and presence.

While she didn’t explicitly address the possibility of a romantic relationship with another woman, Eilish discussed how her self-confidence, or the lack thereof, has affected her perception of womanhood and impacted her dating life. She revealed never feeling like a desirable or feminine woman and the struggle to see herself as a “pretty girl.” She shared that she never felt like a woman. In May, Eilish and Jesse Rutherford called it quits.

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Wearing big clothes

Eilish admitted to coping with these thoughts by wearing only big clothing to hide her form, emphasising that it wasn’t about avoiding physical relations but rather limiting visual access to her body due to uncertainty. She explained that revealing her body at that time would have devastated her if subjected to criticism.

Despite her efforts, Eilish has faced scrutiny over her body and sexuality for years, an experience she finds “weird and upsetting.” Despite the fact that she rarely discloses her dating life, the seven-time Grammy winner has often called out internet trolls who make comments about her body. Eilish revealed to struggle with regular comments about her image in a Vogue interview in June, emphasising that even while she now values herself more and prioritises her feelings, the negative comments still hurt profoundly.

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