Channel 8 news reported about a fracas between a drunk ang moh and a man who hit him with half-a-metre bamboo pole. Police said that they were notified of the incident yesterday (16 Dec) at about 9.57pm, and that a 34-year-old man is assisting them with their investigation about the incident.

Facebook page Beh Chia Lor shared a video of the dispute.

The girlfriend of the man who hit the ang moh has written to the Facebook page to share her side of the story.
1The man who identified himself as the person who attacked the ang moh also shared his side of the story.
1The man later released another video and shared what happened from his point of view.

“I am the person that was videoed using a stick to “attack” the ang mor at orchard road. Please also upload a video that i will send you, which shows the ang mor being aggressive to me while i just keep backing off.

“I was in the right most lane in heavy traffic, my lane was moving slowly forward. I then saw this man at the side of the road using a large bag to hit passing cars in my lane. When it came to “my turn” to get hit, I tried to outmaneuver this dimwit by moving to the left away from him. He still managed to hit the front windscreen of my car, and I hit the brakes because of the impact. After I stopped, he went completely nuts, hitting my drivers side window with his bag repeatedly. I sat in my car for a good long while, not knowing what to do. He continued hitting my windows, moving from the front to the back, then back to the front windows. I could not move the car without causing injury to him, either by running over his feet or hitting him with my side mirror. I noticed the impacts were so hard that the glass started to flex and wobble with each hit, so I tried to put a stop to it by getting out of the car and shouting at him to stop his nonsense.

“He then hit me in the face with his large bag. He hit me so hard that my spectacles flew off my face. I pushed him to defend myself. I retrieved a stick from the boot of my car to fend him off. As the video shows, he continued advancing towards me so I hit him. After I finally incapacitated the attacker, I got on the ground and searched for my spectacles, after which I called the police to report that I was assaulted. While waiting for the police, the drunk man got up and started trying to attack me again. I ran around, monkeying my way around his pushes and drunken punches. I think he managed to hit me one time as my spectacles flew off my face again. I calmly picked up my spectacles and backed away from him. He still kept trying to attack me, until i deflected one of his pushes and threw him to the ground, and finally a member of the public came to calm the drunk man. (As you can see, he stopped physically attacking me but continued verbally attacking me).

“When I saw the police car drive by i flagged them down and told them the story. The police told me that his offence was “voluntarily causing hurt”. I told them I did not want to pursue the matter, as I was not hurt. My car sustained some scratches and dents, some deep enough to expose the bare metal, but i felt that claiming damages would be more headache than what the repair was worth. When I went to the nearby police station to give a statement, a kind couple came in and handed this video in as evidence. Apparently they saw this drunk guy hitting cars earlier, and when they parked and walked out to the road, they saw this commotion and took a video to make a complaint about the drunk man to the police”. – Kevin