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A funny viral video on X shows a woman dancing in front of a car, subsequently blocking its path. However, the driver then drove slowly and snatched her wig. She then chases after the car as the driver drives away with her expensive wig. Typically these wigs can cost a pretty penny, with some can cost up to $2,000. 

In June, ABC7 NY states, a woman demands an apology after a man randomly snatched her wig in Manhattan, leaving her feeling devalued and disrespected. Singer Lizzy Ashleigh condemned the act, citing it as an act of violence that stripped her of confidence. Despite the temporary blow to her confidence, Ashleigh reclaimed it tenfold. 

Furthermore Surveillance footage captured a stranger yanking off her wig, prompting her to confront the assailant, but he remained silent. Identified through social media, an attorney who worked at a firm lost his job due to the incident. Ashleigh seeks an apology, highlighting the inexcusable nature of random assaults on strangers.

Driver snatches woman’s wig and drives off 

X users are calling this incident “karma” as they feel the woman was disrupting traffic with her dance. Following that, other users state that the whole incident is most definitely worth the wait. For the most part, if a person snatches another person’s wig unprovoked is something that is uncalled for. 

Unfortunately for the woman, the situation is calling for users to side with the driver. They feel that she could’ve easily danced elsewhere and not disrupt the traffic flow. This is also a dangerous stunt as sometimes there are drivers who would drive faster than the speed limit, which could cause an accident. 

Following that, some users feel that the video was faked and that did not actually happen spontaneously. The user adds that this is one of the more common prank videos. Furthermore, other X users are stating that this happens more often in real life than one might think. 

Regardless, if this wasn’t a prank, it would be distressing for the woman to actually lose her hair. As stated earlier, these wigs can cost an individual a small fortune. Most X users would state that having your natural hair would be better than wearing a wig constantly. 

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