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Recently, President Joe Biden celebrated his birthday and the photo of him in front of his cake sparked debates on social media. The photograph has gained a lot of traction on X and a number of conservatives and centrists are finding it odd. Some users speculate that he used 81 candles for his birthday cake. 

Newsweek states, social media erupted with jokes about President Biden’s birthday cake’s multitude of candles, with one quipping it almost set the White House ablaze. Celebrating his 81st birthday, Biden humorously acknowledged the packed candles, stating, “Turns out on your 146th birthday, you run out of space for candles!” 

Furthermore, users teased about a possible fire brigade by the Secret Service and commented on the cake’s fiery spectacle. Concerns over Biden’s age, especially his potential reelection at 86, were highlighted in a Wall Street Journal poll. Despite these discussions, Biden marked his birthday by pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys and humorously mentioned feeling only 60.

X users react to Joe Biden’s bright birthday cake 

Apparently Joe Biden’s birthday post is considered as unbelievable to X users. They are surprised at the fact that the cake has way too many candles. Furthermore, users feel that they cannot believe that his official Instagram page officially posted the photo. Unfortunately, many are making negative comments towards the situation. 

In addition to this, some were making mean comments towards the President stating that it should be wrong to allow an elderly man like him to blow out that many candles. There are several jokes making fun of the President’s age. The caption on the photo is also rather questionable, but it is still a joke as well. 

Regardless, X users are making memes about the entire situation. They copied a meme that depicts a person being fine in a fire. However, some users state that this is the current situation of the country. For obvious reasons, this is just a joke. 

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