Republished from Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Facebook.

Last night (in his exclusive interview with Channel NewsAsia on the topic of ‘Race and Politics’) PM Lee was asked this question: Who would be the ideal candidate for you for the next Elected President?

“Somebody who can identify with all Singaporeans, whom all Singaporeans will look up to, respect, and at the same time, have the experience and the weight and the judgement to look at what the Government is putting up to them, and to say yes, or no, depending on whether or not it is the wise thing to do. You need the experience, you need the personality.

You also need that trust which people must build up in you, so when you say, I have made this decision after consulting my conscience and consulting wise people, it carries weight and people respect you and they feel proud to be Singaporean. That’s what we want.” – PM Lee Hsien Loong

I am in full agreement with PM.

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