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PAP wants to redefine ‘election’, plays racial card to protect its interest




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By: Phillip Ang

I refer to “Changes to elected presidency needed as race still matters in politics: PM Lee”.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and PAP has indicated it will be using the racial card.

Singaporeans need to be wary of statements by our leaders and start asking questions instead of remaining silent and be treated like kids. By asking questions, we will be able to see through all the propaganda and half truths.

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When PM Lee claimed that changes to elected presidency are needed, we need to know:

– Who raised the issue?
– Any particular minority group?
– Was it raised to even one PAP MP?
– Why are our leaders making statements instead of raising this in Parliament?
– Why is the course of action already predetermined by PAP?

From the above questions, we know that:
– PAP has made up the issue because minority races did not raise it. PAP wants to make changes to the EP, never mind what the people think, in order to protect its own interest.

Ask any of your non Chinese friends and their answers will likely confirm the above to be true.

The next question is the definition of ‘election’. In a real election, an individual, regardless of his/her status, is chosen by the population to hold public office. But in our pseudo-election, PAP first decides for the people, presumably stupid citizens, the quality of the candidates. To be a President, say, a candidate needs to have been a chairman or CEO of a company with a paid-up capital of at least $100 million.

PAP is worried that the majority of Singaporeans may anyhow vote for any incompetent Tom, Dick and Harry and is thus protecting us from our stupidity.

But this time round, it has taken things too far by playing the racial card, as it did prior to the introduction of the GRC system. PAP is courting danger by playing the racial card because this divides the people by focusing on only the colour of one’s skin. After more than 5 decades, what happened to racial harmony? Has PAP created only a propaganda facade?

PM Lee: “Everybody has his place, everybody is equal…” So why should minority races be more equal when it comes to electing a president?

Is this really an election?

If PAP were really so concerned, it should have allowed a non Chinese to lead the country instead of 2 PMs from the same family for more than 4 decades and counting.

What about other leadership positions in the military, civil service and government-linked companies with a disproportionate percentage of Chinese? Why is PAP only concerned about the aspiration of one person from the minority races to become president? Is PAP worried that a non PAP President with the second key to our reserves will disclose embarrassing details of our investments?

PM Lee must have been joking when he said “the President represents all Singaporeans” and suggested that only a minority President will inspire minority races to say “Yes, this is my country”.

Did PM Lee mean to say that when minority races see a Chinese President, they will not say “Yes, this is my country”? Do minority races not feel that Singapore is their country whenever they see President Tony Tan? Is there a problem with Tony Tan?

To further support tweaks to the Constitution, PAP quoted from a survey conducted byPAP-controlled CNA and IPS. The survey is questionable as it is likely to have beeninitiated by PAP itself.

PAP will become a laughing stock to the world when it legislates against 74% of the population from standing in a presidential election. Worse, the same group can only give their support to candidates from a PAP approved smaller group of minority races! Is this really an election?

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