It was reported recently that C-Knight, a rapper from the group Dove Shack was unwell. C-Knight’s father, George Lee Washington Blount Jr. revealed that the rapper was hospitalised on October 18 because of a worrisome blood sugar level which became complicated due to his diabetes. C-Knight suffered a stroke during his hospitalisation and dialysis treatment. He also went through cardiac arrest which led to resuscitation from the doctors. C-Knight was placed on life support as further health issues came up during his treatment.

The latest news is that C-Knight, a member of the hip-hop group The Dove Shack, has passed away, according to TMZ.

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Off life support

A family member informed TMZ that C-Knight, whose real name was Arnez Blount, died on Tuesday after the difficult decision to remove him from life support. This came weeks after he was initially admitted to the hospital due to a stroke.

As previously reported by TMZ, C-Knight’s father revealed that his son had been hospitalized in mid-October when his blood sugar levels became dangerously high, a consequence of his diabetes. C-Knight went into cardiac arrest and suffered a stroke while receiving dialysis at the hospital.  Although medical professionals managed to resuscitate him and place him on life support, he remained unresponsive, with no signs of progress, according to the medical staff.

Family remained hopeful

In the last update, C-Knight’s father mentioned that they were awaiting the results of a crucial MRI in the hope of detecting any notable brain activity. Throughout this difficult time, his family remained hopeful.

During the 1990s, The Dove Shack played an important role in the West Coast G-Funk music scene, alongside notable players such as Warren G and Snoop Dogg. C-Knight, together with Bo-Roc and 2Scoops, were instrumental in the creation of several unforgettable tunes, including “Summertime in the LBC,” “This Is The Shack,” and “Smoke Out.” At the time of his death, C-Knight was 52 years old.


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