SINGAPORE: A resident took to social media to complain about a rider of a motorcycle with modified exhaust who reportedly disturbs the HDB block every time he meets his girlfriend at night.

“Is that okay to use modified exhaust to make a loud noise at 3 am every night?” the resident wrote. “This guy comes to (the) block to pick (up) and drop (off his) girlfriend every night. Disturbed whole block’s sleep.”

Faraz B, the resident, took to the Complaint Singapore group on Thursday (Feb 8) to share his exasperation with a biker who allegedly rides by the residential block every evening.

He also shared how the noise has affected his child’s sleep. “Every night my baby wakes up and starts crying with this loud noise,” he added before claiming, “Complaining (to) LTA (is) no use. They never take any action.”

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Many online users in the comments section shared the writer’s sentiments. “Have you tried (throwing a) waterbomb?” one joked. Another wrote, “It is like a person making loud fart noises. Except you do it with a bike. How is that cool? How is this even a thing in today’s world?”

One shared a similar experience, saying, “Had similar problem with a neighbour…end(ed) up replacing windows to soundproof to solve the issue.”

Others mentioned the National Environment Agency (NEA) in their comments.

“Exhaust volume is under NEA feedback,” wrote one. “You can call the police to come down and say (it is a) noise nuisance. After that, with the police report, feedback to LTA, say you want to be a witness and make them investigate.”

Another online user referred to other comments encouraging the writer to go down and talk to the rider cordially, saying:

“I see some comments say go down tell him nicely. He is already so inconsiderate by creating noise pollution at 3am. These kinds of people won’t listen to you. Their ego will end up challenging you to a fight. Don’t bother. Just file a report.”

According to the NEA’s website, the LTA, TP, and NEA work together on vehicular noise control.

“LTA, TP and NEA conduct regular joint enforcement ops against modified vehicles/overloaded/speeding/noisy local and foreign vehicles,” it states on its website.

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