SINGAPORE: Singapore Business Review reported that fresh graduates stepping into the role of first-year audit associates can now expect a monthly paycheck of S$4,500 under Deloitte’s FasTrack programme, an accelerated career pathway tailored for accountancy graduates.

For those not on the FasTrack route, the starting salary remains impressive at S$4,100 per month.

The FasTrack programme, introduced by Deloitte, has been instrumental in shaping the careers of budding auditors since its inception in September 2022.

By providing an expedited career path, Deloitte aims to groom the next generation of accounting professionals while meeting the demands of a dynamic industry landscape.

Deloitte’s decision to adjust starting salaries aligns seamlessly with governmental initiatives aimed at bolstering the appeal of the accountancy sector.

The move also resonates with recommendations by the Accountancy Workforce Review Committee, an entity established by the Ministry of Finance to enhance the accounting talent pool in Singapore.

With these adjustments, the annual salary package for fresh graduates joining Deloitte as auditors will increase by up to 20% from the current annual salary package,” the firm stated.

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Moreover, Deloitte’s investment in nurturing audit talent doesn’t end with salary adjustments.

The firm also said it would commit approximately S$62 million towards grooming auditors within their first five years with the company, effective September 1, 2024.

According to Yahoo Finance, Deloitte said the investment covers courses for auditors to get their qualifications and training in “future-forward skills” like artificial intelligence, data analytics, and sustainability assurance. /TISG

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