Facebook user Bhai Hafiz Angullia video clip of a group of young men bullying a boy. It is unclear when or where the incident happened. But one of the attackers was wearing the basketball jersey of Saint Andrew’s Secondary School. The group mercilessly attacked the boy who kept screamed in pain. Towards the end of the video clip, a young man wearing a red hoodie jumped and stomped the boy while he was floored from the earlier punches and kicks.

The video has gone viral with about 4,000 shares just two hours after being shared. Hafeez Hashim who commented on the video said that one of the attacker was wearing a jersey of the Saint Andrew’s basketball team. Many commenters expressed outrage and said that the relevant authorities should make an example of the bullies.

UPDATE: The police is investigating the incident. They confirmed that a report was lodged on the incident on Sunday (Nov 6) but that no one has been arrested to date.