SINGAPORE: An online user took to social media to share a photo of a bear-themed bedsheet that she recently bought. The pictures of the stuffed animal, however, were labelled “cute beer” all over the fabric, getting a laugh out of a handful of people who saw the post.

“Bought this bedsheet a week ago, but managed to only try it last night,” Bujji Samantha wrote in the Complaint Singapore group on Sunday (Feb 4). “Last night (I was) too tired after work so I didn’t realise, but this morning when I woke up…I saw it…What is this? Do you see it? (ignore my messy bedroom).”

The post included photos of a dark brown bedsheet decorated with light brown bears. However, under each bear was a label that made many think twice about what the mistake was.

Cute beer or cute bear?

While some pointed at the label as the obvious mistake, others argued that the manufacturers printed the wrong picture instead.

“They printed the wrong picture,” said one. “They printed bear wrongly. It should be beer.”

“It is not the wrong picture printed,” said another. “It is the spelling. It should be bear instead of beer, as the adjective ‘cute’ means it is a description of the animal bear, not beer.”

“As beer – an alcoholic drink – cannot be cute,” a second wrote. “The picture is correct but the spelling should be cute bear, not cute beer.”

Other online users had a bit of fun with the product and exchanged jokes about it, with one saying, “They should print the bear holding a beer! Cheers!”

Still, another commented, “Cute name for a bear! A bear named Beer! This made my day!”

A handful of others complimented the writer for sharing a rather “cute” complaint with the group, a welcome break from much more negative posts.

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