From the price to the presentation, the bee hoon at one establishment proved subpar for a customer.

A reader of The Independent Singapore shared his food delivery experience review for Xing Hua at Suntec City Mall and Putien at Marina Bay Sands.

He wrote that he had ordered tofu and bee hoon multiple times from Xing Hua for his elderly parents.

He then decided, for a change, to try out Putien, but “it was a disappointment”.

The customer noted his order from Xing Hua was S$12 for the tofu and S$9 for a small portion of bee hoon (S$13 for medium). Prices were inclusive of a 20% markup from foodpanda, and delivery was 99 cents.

Meanwhile, the bee hoon at Putien was S$12, and S$16 for the roasted meat. Delivery cost him over S$5 through Deliveroo.

He provided photos comparing the bee hoon from the two establishments, noting bigger portions for almost the same price at Xing Hua. “There were tiny scallops, peanuts, seaweed, lots of prawns and clams” in the bee hoon.

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Furthermore, the customer was concerned about finding cracked clams in the bee hoon from Putien.

“This is very dangerous for an elderly aged 70 and above to consume. They might swallow those tiny shells accidentally or even bite onto it and hurt their teeth,” he noted.

The customer was also disappointed at the overall presentation of the meal, wondering why the toppings couldn’t have been placed on the top.

Regarding taste, Xing Hua’s bee hoon was also deemed superior for the customer. Putien’s roasted meat had “rubbery fat” on almost all the port slices and was not crispy or crunchy, he added.

Those who often order out are bound to try a similar dish from different establishments and can’t help but compare. Businesses in the food and beverage industry must strive to offer the best to gain an edge over the rest and secure customer retention.

What’s your experience tasting the same dish from different restaurants? /TISG

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ByHana O