SINGAPORE: A 49-year-old crane operator has been arrested after his crane collapsed and crushed a parked van nearby yesterday (9 April) at approximately 4:55 pm at the junction of Punggol Road and Compassvale Street.

According to police reports, the crane operator was moving the crane onto a truck when, unexpectedly, the machinery collapsed, resulting in the accident.

The impact of the falling crane caused significant damage to the van and is believed to have inflicted injuries upon the 28-year-old driver, who was inside at the time.

Emergency services swiftly responded to the scene, and the injured van driver was promptly transported to the hospital. The driver remained conscious as he was conveyed to the hospital.

The police arrested the crane operator, citing negligence in the operation of the machinery as the cause of the accident. The operator, whose identity remains undisclosed, faces charges related to the negligent operation of the crane.

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) released a statement acknowledging that the unfortunate event unfolded at one of its construction sites.

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The site in question was reportedly undergoing the construction of new public sewers at the time of the incident.

The PUB and the contracting company involved, Building Construction Co. Pte Ltd, have pledged their full cooperation with ongoing investigations conducted by the police and the Ministry of Manpower.

Police investigations are ongoing.