Update: An LTA spokesperson has said that after the cracks were discovered, “Two out of four lanes were immediately closed to facilitate repairs. All lanes have since been re-opened to public at about 9.55am after we ascertained that the road is safe for use”.

Sizeable cracks mysteriously appeared across two lanes on Lornie Road during peak hours this morning, triggering a massive jam. The traffic jam was so intense that it stretched all the way to Bartley and Serangoon.

The Land Transport Authority is presently investigating the matter. Motorists were warned that there was a “massive jam” on due to an “uneven road” via the Expressway Monitoring Advisory System (EMAS) and were advised to avoid the area.

SBS Transit has also informed public bus commuters that bus services like 52, 74, 93, 157, 165, 852 that go past that stretch are delayed due to “urgent roadworks”

The cracks reportedly occurred near the Bukit Brown road construction site and is believed to be caused by an “unexplained subterranean heaving of the earth.”

Meanwhile a photo of the cracks along Lornie Road has been going viral on social media and on mobile messaging application WhatsApp. The WhatsApp message that accompanies the photo reads: “Lornie road going towards Farrer road.. Lane 1 and 2 collapse near PIE exit. Avoid all roads leading towards these 2 roads. Traffic is almost at a stand still. Was stuck there for more than 1 hour and now getting worst. Please share..”

It is unclear who took the picture and who wrote the message.