Singapore — Can you believe that it’s been two years since young actress Sheryl Ang took part in Star Search 2019?

Even so, the young star took part in the competition in hopes of picking up acting on her way to land more gigs.

The actress shared with that she nearly backed out of Star Search 2019 after learning that it was an open audition instead of a private audition. Thankfully, she persevered and made it to the Top 12!

While Ang didn’t take the crown, she was offered a Mediacorp contract – landing her roles in TV dramas such as Mister Flower, All Around You, Watch Out! Alexius and Fresh Takes! mini series, Remember to Forget.

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@mewatch.mediacorp)

Fast-forward to 2021, Ang just landed her first lead role with Desmond Tan in Mediacorp’s new crime-thriller, Key Witness.

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@rustyy_sheyyy)

According to‘s report, the two once paired up during the young actress’s Screen Debut episode (a mini-series) featuring the Top 24 to showcase their acting chops with past Star Search contestants – including Tan, who is Star Search 2007‘s, runner-up.

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With that said, the actress claims that she wasn’t too keen on being a part of the showbiz when she was younger (joking about how nice it would be to be on TV doesn’t count), it seems that fate has other plans for her.

Once she was done with primary school, she attended Saint Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School (SACSS), which offers one of the most established performing arts program.

For Secondary 1 and 2, the young actress took drama as a compulsory subject. She was then selected to continue studying the subject as an elective in Secondary 3 and 4 in preparation for O-levels.

At one point, Ang thought of dropping the subject, but her teacher managed to convince her to stay.

In the interview with, the actress managed to divert from the media outlet’s remark – that she may have a natural gift for acting after her teacher insisted that she choose drama as an elective subject.

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“I don’t know if I was good at it or whatever ‘cos back then, I didn’t think so much, it was just like, if you ask me do something, then I’ll do it lor,” Ang said. /TISG