There’s a possibility that BoA may be set to return to acting in ‘Marry My Husband.’

It has been seven years since BoA acted in a show, and although the production team has not officially disclosed her specific role, hints suggest that she might be portraying the character “Oh Yu Ra.”

Photo: Instagram/BoA

In the upcoming tvN drama ‘Marry My Husband,’ the narrative revolves around a woman who witnesses her husband’s affair and is subsequently murdered.

However, she gets a second chance at life when transported back 10 years. In this new timeline, she seizes the opportunity for a fresh start while plotting her revenge. The main cast includes Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, and Lee Kikwang.

Newspaper photo that resembled a fraction of BoA’s upper body

In the 7th episode, the name Oh Yu Ra was mentioned, and a scene featuring Yu Ji Hyuk (played by Na In Woo) and his grandfather Yu Han Il (played by Moon Sung Geun) included a newspaper photo that resembled a fraction of BoA’s upper body from an image provided by SM Entertainment during a press conference for her 20th debut anniversary album, ‘BETTER,’ in 2020.

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According to the source, the character Oh Yu Ra in the original web novel is the granddaughter of a powerful chaebol family and is engaged to Yu Ji Hyuk through an arranged marriage. She is depicted as a character with extreme elitist views and a history of school bullying, positioning her as a ‘villain’ in the story.

About BoA

Kwon Bo-ah, also known by her stage name BoA, is a versatile artist excelling in various fields such as singing, songwriting, dancing, record producing, and acting.

While she has gained significant acclaim for her musical talents, her impact on the global popularity of K-Pop has earned her the title “Queen of K-Pop” for her groundbreaking contributions to the genre.

While she is primarily known for her music career, she has also acted in several films and television dramas, including “Expect No Mercy” (2000), “Anna and the King” (2002), and “Listen to Love” (2006).