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Conservative Americans are vehemently unhappy at the woke policies that are in place by the Democrats. It seems that most Republicans are blaming both the Democrat officials and voters who had both made it possible for the mass migration of illegal immigrants into the United States. 

According to CBS News, in December alone, Border Patrol encountered a historic high of over 225,000 migrants entering the U.S. illegally, marking the highest monthly figure in the agency’s history. The preliminary Department of Homeland Security statistics reveal the severity of the migration crisis confronting the Biden administration. 

The record-breaking numbers surpassed the previous monthly high recorded in May 2022. A peak in migration occurred before Christmas, with daily averages exceeding 9,700 apprehensions. 

Despite a slight decrease this week, unlawful crossings remain at historically high levels, prompting concerns about the sustainability of the system. The crisis poses logistical, humanitarian, and political challenges for the Biden administration, with growing discontent from Americans. 

Conservatives mad at Democrats for migrant crisis 

Currently, conservatives state that anyone who voted for Joe Biden should house these illegal migrants and take responsibility for this mess. Republicans are constantly saying that Democrat supporters have voted for these policies to be in place. 

Others state that these numbers are only for the ones that are counted. Conservatives feel that there are significantly more illegals coming into America by the day that are not even counted. For the most part, Americans are fearful of individuals coming into the country unscreened and unchecked as they might be someone dangerous. 

Some claim that in Manhattan the demographics has changed and to find an English speaker is tougher than it was several years ago. Regardless, states like Texas should not hold accountability for the mistakes of those who voted for the Democrats. 

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