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Congratulations pour forth as Pritam Singh welcomes second daughter




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Workers’ Party chief Pritam Singh announced on his Facebook page this week that his family welcomed their newest member, a baby girl, recently.

Announcing his second daughter’s birth, the Aljunied GRC MP revealed how there were some complications before his child was born and how he was “gripped with fear” in the moments preceding the birth.

Revealing that a routine scan showed signs that the baby was in distress, Singh shared that his wife had to undergo emergency C-section to deliver their child. Speaking about how the crisis shook him, Singh wrote:

“Two weeks ago, I was thrown into the fearful unknown.
“My 3 year old, my wife and I were at the hospital for a routine scan for my pregnant wife, who was due a couple of weeks later. We were planning to go to JB straight after to unwind. It was like any other day and we were looking forward to it.
“But within minutes of the scan, everything changed. The baby was in distress and an immediate emergency Caesarian was ordered.
“I was afraid. For my wife, my unborn child & the consequences that could follow.
“I don’t usually pray in times of crisis as I think of prayer a constant act. In Sikhism, there is a philosophy of sarbat da bhalla – which loosely translates to – blessings for all. Sikhs pray for the well-being for all those around us.
“But when you are gripped with fear, prayer inevitably comes to you. And so I prayed.
“Thankfully, both mummy and baby came through and things look positive for both of them.
“As I sit and reflect over what happened, things could have been very different. But today, I am a proud husband of a wonder woman who went through an ordeal and came out tougher than ever and a proud father of two beautiful girls.
“Two beautiful girls who will push themselves to the fullest and live fulfilling lives.
“Two beautiful girls who will hold firm to the values of humanity and spirituality.
“Two beautiful girls who will not settle and pursue excellence.
“Here’s to all fathers raising strong women everywhere!”

Singh’s Facebook post has been met with overwhelming goodwill, with thousands of Singaporeans congratulating him.

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