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COI Chairman on Straits Times story: It’s…Contempt of Court




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COI Chairman G Pannir Selvam has told the inquiry what the Straits Times did – by running a story on the bus driver relating to what he will be testifying before the Inquiry – was contempt of court.

Here’s an excerpt from TODAY Online’s COI public hearing on Little India Riots begins:

Bringing the Committee’s attention to a Straits Times’ story on the bus driver, which relates to what he will be testifying before the Inquiry, Mr Khoo earlier asked Committee Chairman G Pannir Selvam for directions “on how to deal with this matter”.

Mr Selvam noted that this was contempt of court, since the Committee is a court of proceeding, under the Inquiries Act.

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“This is plain and simple interference with witnesses getting them to say things before they come to the tribunal (sic). I think it is a plain case of contempt of court.

“While we may overlook this case, this should not be repeated and if it is then we will take severe action against them. … Tell the press if they do such a thing again we will take action against them,” Mr Selvam added.

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