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Closing the bridge between entrepreneurs and investors




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Keiretsu Forum, a global angel network, presented their first-ever Singapore Chapter Meeting in Singapore. Startups got a head start with the launch of the US-based angle investor network Keiretsu Forum.  Supported by Apple Seed, the launch was a formal meeting for global startups, members, potential members and guests to forge new ties.  The launch was followed by a panel discussion.

Located in the heart of Singapore’s ecosystem, the meeting was a driver for innovation and entrepreneurial activity.  Startups on the lookout for funding appeared on the radar of potential investors. Singapore First Chapter Meeting enabled easy access to funding from support systems and networks.  The aspiring entrepreneurs pitched their creative business proposals to potential investors. Each startup was given 10 minutes of core presentation followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.

“Entrepreneurial activity in Singapore is heating up. We have attracted a portfolio of institutional investors who have shown interest in the startups” said Mr Subra Iyer, President of Keiretsu Forum Singapore.

Panel discussion

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The panel discussion at JTC Launchpad, Ayer Rajah presented speakers from government agencies and investors. They were Mr Png Cheong Boon (CEO of Jurong Town Corporation), Dr Alex Lin (Head of Infocomm Investment Pte Ltd), Mr Sat Pal Khattar (Investor/Lawyer) and Dr Rajan Srikanth (Co-President, Keiretsu Forum Chennai & Singapore). The panel discussion was moderated by Mr Subra Iyer. The expert panelists discussed the topic ‘Entrepreneurship and Angel Investing’. They touched on the benefits of angel investing and how angel investors can share their expertise to assist startups. The public was welcomed to sit in for the panel discussion and participate during the Q&A.

Keiretsu Forum has tapped on promising markets with big angel forums and investment communities after Singapore’s launch.  “The angel investor network is looking forward in venturing to ASEAN cities after opening the Singapore chapter,” said Mr Subra.

The soft-launch of Keiretsu Forum was held earlier this year, on 5 February 2015.

About Keiretsu Forum:

Founded in September 2000 in Northern California, Keiretsu Forum has over 1,400 accredited members worldwide; has funded over 450 companies to the tune of almost half a billion US dollars.

Keiretsu Forum is unique from other angel groups. It operates as a global angel network, as opposed to a local angel group or national angel network. Hence the membership is global. Members will be able to participate in global Keiretsu Forum and the global deal flow.

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