SINGAPORE: A sudden Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight cancellation has reportedly left passengers in Beijing, China in a state of anxiety and disappointment as a number of them planned to be in Singapore for the Taylor Swift Eras concert here.

A netizen on China’s Little Red Book social media platform, Mr Wang (transliterated from Mandarin), claimed that the SIA flight from Beijing to Changi Airport was due to take off at 4.40pm yesterday (1 Mar) but was cancelled due to mechanical failure, just before departure.

He added that SIA informed passengers that the flight has been postponed to 5:40pm today (2 Mar).

Mr Wang is among those flying to Singapore just to watch Taylor Swift perform live. Since he bought a concert ticket for Sunday (3 Mar), he will not miss the show but he expressed dissatisfaction that his trip to visit Singapore was “disrupted.”

Mr Wang told 8World that many passengers on this flight bought concert tickets for Saturday and they were very anxious about whether they would make it. Some of these passengers have apparently declined the replacement flight and booked new flight tickets for a plane leaving early this morning.

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SIA has reportedly provided meals for the affected passengers and has put them up on hotels.