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Chinese New Year party guests make racist jokes against Singapore chef, thinking he can’t understand Mandarin




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A Singapore chef shared on social media yesterday that he was the subject of racist remarks by guests at a Chinese New Year event he was hired to cook at, recently.

The freelance BBQ chef, Musitharthan, said that the remarks were made in Mandarin – a language he is familiar with. Revealing that the incident took place on Sunday (25 Feb) at a condomunium, Musitharthan shared:

“So here’s the thing, i went to this condo to cook for a CNY Get-together While i was cooking yesterday..This group of people were talking in Chinese about the food, they said “Look at the curry cooking so carefully and slowly without burning the food to his colour!”
“Well, i picked up some spoken Chinese during my secondary school as majority of my friends were Chinese. The MOMENT I HEARD THAT I WAS SO ANGSTY. I didn’t want to make a scene. So i just kept quiet and continues cooking. 
“The organisers also had also invited their Indian neighbours to the party(How nice of them) So that 13yr old Indian girl and her brother, were looking on as i cooked and Waited for the satay.
“But then that same guy went on again, ” Look at the 2 curry waiting for satay, the curries not burned enough so all gather at the fire to burn””

Expressing his anger, Musitharthan said that “darker skinned people Have FACED Discrimination all over the world” and decried the stereotypes against Indian cinema songs and shared his belief that Chinese and Malay people in Singapore expect Indians to learn their languages but do not take the effort to learn Tamil.

Musitharthan proclaimed: “Singapore will never truly develop unless it leaves behind all this racist people.”

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This account comes less than a week after a netizen revealed that a tuition centre principal reportedly chased a parent away from the centre with a broom after they expressed that they did not want their primary-school going child to be tutored by an Indian tutor, on the basis of her race.


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