SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media after the cake she bought had an unwanted visitor—a live cockroach that she said was “roaming around” on the sweet treat. She posted photos and videos of the ondeh ondeh cake she had purchased from Cedele Bakery at Waterway Point.

Ms Joey Tan wrote in a Mar 31 (Sunday) post on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page that she had endeavored to reach out to the company via email, WhatsApp, and Facebook messenger, but at that point, had yet to receive a response from Cedele.

“What kind of standard and customer service is this?” she asked, adding, “It was kept in the fridge right after I brought it home and I’ve bought so many cakes from different bakeries and kept it in the same fridge but it’s my first time encountering such a horrific and unhygienic incident. First and last time. Cedele do better.”

Based on a WhatsApp screenshot Ms Tan added in her post, the cake was purchased on or shortly before Thursday last week (Mar 28).

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She followed up on Friday (Mar 29) and when she did not get a response, did so again on Saturday (Mar 30). In her messages to the bakery that day, she said that if she did not get an answer from them, she would post on social media.

Ms Tan also sent a photo and video to Cedele that showed the roach on the cake.

When a commenter on her Facebook post suggested that the roach could have entered the box while she was shopping or from her car or bus ride, she responded by saying she had walked home from the store after getting the cake. This meant that there was no other opportunity for the roach to get into the cake box.

Yahoo Southeast Asia has since reported that the company has apologised for the incident, adding that Cedele will take full responsibility for it.

The report quotes Cedele as saying, “A system error had led to the oversight of the customer’s complaint and messages, and we immediately reached out to them once the inquiry was brought to our attention.”

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“We are grateful that this incident was brought to light and that we have been given the opportunity to correct what was wrong. Once again, we apologise for this unfortunate incident,” the company added.

Cedele also posted an apology over Instagram.


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