Cate Blanchett “out of touch” for calling herself “middle class” despite being worth $95 million

Cate Blanchett has caught the internet’s attention this week. While she is promoting a new movie at Cannes, it’s her discussion of social class that has sparked controversy. During a press conference, Blanchett identified herself as “middle class,” acknowledging her privilege and reflecting on her experiences with refugees. 

This self-identification prompted backlash, with critics questioning her understanding of class. In the US, “middle class” is often defined by income, but in Australia, it encompasses social capital and cultural behaviors. 

Blanchett’s remarks align with this broader Australian definition. Despite the criticism, her comments have reignited discussions on class consciousness and privilege in contemporary society.

However, Americans are finding her comment to be rather out of touch. She is in fact worth over A$140 million, which is around US $95 million. For most people, when an individual is worth that much, they are no longer classified as a middle class person despite their humble background. 

X users feel Cate Blanchett is out of touch for calling herself middle class


Furthermore, prominent conservative X users are calling her out of touch, but this statement is also reflected towards other celebrities as well. For the most part, a lot of these Hollywood celebrities are living in the lap of luxury, this is according to the statements made by the conservatives on social media. 


In addition to this, X users state that Bidenomics has “ruined” the American economy so bad that ultra wealthy individuals who are worth nearly $100 million are the new middle class people. Others add that their $20,000 net worth is now considered as “less than dirt poor.” 

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