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Surveillance footage shows a driver vandalizing a St. Pete Pride mural, causing significant damage. The St. Petersburg Police are investigating two incidents where vehicles marred the mural with tire marks. 

Dr. Byron Green-Calisch, President of St. Pete Pride, expressed disappointment but not surprise, viewing the mural as a symbol of welcome and inclusivity. Mayor Ken Welch condemned the act, affirming the city’s stance against hate. The police seek information on the involved vehicles, urging the public to report any leads.

However, conservatives say that the same level of respect towards the American flag is no longer there. Following that, someone were to burn the American flag, they would probably not receive much repercussions. Most conservatives agree that the American flag is a symbol of freedom and it should be respected. 

Pride Flag crosswalk skidded with tire marks 


Furthermore, X users state that this is bound to happen as cars are quite literally driving on the road everyday. Tire and skid marks are a common feature on regular crosswalks as well. However, there are concerns from the liberals that this could possibly be a hate crime towards the LGBTQ community. 

Additionally, there were several homophobic comments on X in relation to the issue. An X user states that the man who skidded the crosswalk should be given a medal. Others state that there is no such man-hunt for the people who burned the American flag publicly and they were protected under the freedom of speech law. 


Others feel it unnecessary for a statewide man-hunt for a driver creating donut marks on a crosswalk. The funds used to find the individual could be used for the betterment of the state. Conservatives claim that this hurt the feelings of some liberal individuals and thus the authorities will follow through with their requests. 

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