SINGAPORE: Singaporeans had mixed reactions after watching a video of a city rat hitching a ride on a fast-moving car.

The video, recorded by the car driver, was shared on Singapore Road Accident on Dec 30, captioned: “Cam car jam brake to make the mouse/rat fall off his car,” as the poor rodent hangs on to its dear life.

Car driver vs city rat

While driving on Boon Lay Avenue, the car driver noticed and recorded a city rat clinging to his car window. 

At first, it looked like the rat was trying to get in, but since the car window was closed, it had no choice but to stay outside. The mouse then pulled off some Tom Cruise stunt moves and ran vertically against the window, seemingly heading for the car’s roof.

It remains unclear if the rat made it to the roof, as it reappeared a few seconds later.

With its tiny feet balanced on the narrow rim of the bottom window, the furry creature remained outside the car for a few more seconds. It looked perplexed and helpless as it tried to find a way out of its miserable situation.

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Meanwhile, the driver slammed on the brakes to get rid of the rat. 

The rat vanished out of sight, falling into the middle of the street.

Mouse action stunt was “straight out of a mission impossible” film

Some netizens made light of the situation, stating that the mouse’s moves were “straight out of a mission impossible” movie.

“Singapore version..mission impossible..starring by mouse 🐁,” one netizen commented.

“Ratatouille hitch a grab ride to the next restaurant. The driver should add Mission Impossible music to the video 🤣,” added another.

Meanwhile, some netizens took pity on the mouse and were terrified of what the driver had done to it.

One commented: “Look for a safe spot to park yr car and let the rat run off !”

While another one said: “Y cant u just stop aside and just chase the rat/mouse away. Probably near a grass patch or something. You dont need to be so cruel to do that. They are creatures of GOD afterall. Just like you.”

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Mice and rats deserve to live life free from cruelty

According to The Humane Society of the United States, wild mice and rats are often subjected to cruel extermination methods because they can carry disease.

Like hamsters, mice and rats are curious, social animals who can make excellent pets.

Both mice and rats are social animals who enjoy the company of others—rats even “laugh” when playing, and they care for sick members of their group—and, if tamed, love being petted.

Despite their reputation as sewer dwellers, mice and rats meticulously clean and groom themselves for several hours daily.

Mice are very talkative and communicate through ultrasonic sounds.

Like dogs, rats can also be trained to run obstacle courses, fetch and roll over.