C-Knight, an original member of the rap group The Dove Shack, is currently in critical condition, and his family is awaiting crucial medical tests for further guidance, as reported by TMZ.

The rapper’s father, George Lee Washington Blount Jr., explained that C-Knight was hospitalized on October 18 due to a concerning blood sugar level, a complication related to his diabetes. During his hospitalization and dialysis treatment, C-Knight unfortunately suffered a stroke. Additionally, he experienced cardiac arrest, requiring resuscitation by medical professionals. Subsequently, he was placed on life support, and more health issues arose during his treatment.

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Family remains hopeful

Following the stroke and cardiac arrest, C-Knight remains unresponsive, with medical staff reporting no signs of improvement. Currently, the family is anxiously awaiting the results of a crucial MRI scan, which will determine whether there is any discernible brain activity. Despite the grim outlook, the family remains hopeful and believes in C-Knight’s ability to recover.

In the unfortunate event that the scan reveals no brain activity, the family plans to continue life support temporarily while considering their options. They are praying for a miracle and holding onto hope for C-Knight’s recovery.

Praying for recovery

The Dove Shack, known for their role in the ’90s West Coast G-Funk movement alongside artists like Snoop Dogg and Warren G, released only two albums but left a lasting impact. C-Knight’s fellow group members, 2Scoops and Bo-Roc, are close to him and have asked for thoughts and well-wishes as they support him in his journey to recovery.


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