In a recent disclosure, Brendan Carr, the senior Republican commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission, sounded alarm bells when he categorically said that TikTok is a “clear and present danger to America’s national security.” The commissioner further implied that user data, including sensitive information like search history and biometrics, is accessible to personnel in Beijing.

Brendan Carr: Chinese can have it all

“They told us not to worry, that U.S. user data was secure, but it turns out everything is available in China,” Carr divulged on Newsmax‘s “Sunday Report,” emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Proposed legislation to ban TikTok in the United States isn’t merely about its content, but is rooted in the company’s behavior, Carr clarified.

Despite arguments framing it as a First Amendment issue, Carr stressed that the focus remains on TikTok’s conduct rather than the content shared on the platform.

With mounting concerns over national security, Carr expressed confidence in the Senate’s potential passage of legislation mandating TikTok to operate under a different parent company. He underscored the need for swift action, citing TikTok’s track record of misleading statements and its susceptibility to Chinese influence.

ByteDance not credible in the US

TikTok CEO Shou Chew’s assurances of data safety were met with skepticism by Carr, who asserted that the company had “lost all credibility and trust in Washington.” He emphasized that the Chinese government has historically exploited TikTok for propaganda purposes, particularly during elections, posing a significant threat to American democracy.

However, Brendan Carr offered a ray of hope for TikTok enthusiasts, highlighting that the legislation allows for the platform to sever ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This move, he suggested, could safeguard the data of millions of American users while mitigating the risk of foreign interference.

“As the debate rages on, one thing is clear: the battle for cyber sovereignty is underway, and TikTok stands at the forefront,” Carr concluded, urging decisive action to safeguard America’s digital future.

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