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Revelation from residents along the United States-Mexico border has reported that migrants are streaming through holes in the existing fence daily, waiting for border patrol officers to pick them up for processing.

Through border fence holes

Jacumba resident Jerry Shuster, who has lived in the town for four decades, expressed his concern to NBC News San Diego, revealing that dozens of individuals have crossed into the U.S. through border holes in the fence in recent months. Shuster emphasized the ease with which migrants enter, stating, “They just come in like nothing to it. They walk right into our country.”

Shuster, an immigrant himself who arrived in the U.S. from the former Yugoslavia in the late 1960s, highlighted the boldness of some crossings, occurring even in broad daylight. “They come around the side of the border, they walk onto our property, and they stay until they get picked up,” he added.

Frustrated and confused

Brian Silvas, another resident, shared his experience with CNN, stating that his dogs, initially alert to large groups crossing onto his border property, have now grown accustomed to the frequent occurrences. Expressing frustration, Silvas remarked, “If I had the money, I would build my own wall right here!” Silvas, who purchased his 78-acre property two years ago, echoes the growing sentiment among residents who feel the need to take matters into their own hands.

 Is the US border infrastructure effective?

The situation at the border continues to be a source of concern for residents and authorities alike, raising questions about the effectiveness of the existing border infrastructure and the challenges faced by border patrol officers in addressing the influx of migrants. As debates surrounding immigration policy persist, the stories of individuals like Shuster and Silvas shed light on the complex and evolving dynamics of life along the border.

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