Singapore—Bones that are believed to be part of human remains were found under a bridge along Kallang Bahru on Monday (Nov 9). And while preliminary investigations do not point toward foul play, police are still investigating the matter.

Migrant workers building a temporary walkway near the bridge found the bones, according to Chinese news daily Lianhe Wanbao.

After one worker first discovered the bones in the area, other workers found more bones and felt that they may in fact be human remains.

The workers called the police to report their grisly discovery at around 5:30 pm on Nov 9. Police said they were alerted to the “remains of a body believed to be that of a human found underneath the bridge.”

Eyewitnesses told the Chinese daily that some of the workers shouted, “someone died” and that by nightfall, at least four police cars, a fire engine, and at least 10 officers had arrived at the scene.

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Police looked into areas as far as several hundred meters upstream from the place where the bones were first seen by the migrant workers, eyewitnesses said.

They also searched the riverbanks until around 9pm.

A witness wrote in a Facebook post that he had seen 11 patrol cars at Kallang River in front of block 63-67 Kallang Bahru.

On Tuesday, Nov 10, at around noon, a vehicle from the Crime Scene Investigation was also seen where the bones had been discovered.

Additional information about the reportedly human remains has not been released yet.

This is not the first time in recent history that such bones have been discovered in Singapore. In July last year, a Singaporean photographer named Allan Lim took to social media to say he had found “human-like” bones as he was walking his dog near his home in Bradell.

He wrote, “I discovered some “‘human-like’ bones in my neighborhood as I was walking my dog. I called the cops, they came right away and they thought it might be too light to be authentic. After an hour, bone specialist was called to the scene to examine it and now it was cordoned up. Another hour later K-9 unit was summoned to sniff the area in case there was more. Who says Monday is boring.”

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