President Joe Biden showcased a major infrastructure investment during his visit to Wisconsin and highlighted the $5 billion funding for various infrastructure projects nationwide. Mocking Trump’s failed infrastructure initiatives, Biden declared, “On my watch, instead of infrastructure week, America is having an infrastructure decade.”

The campaign aims to call out Republicans who voted against the infrastructure bill but now tout its benefits. Biden’s team hopes tangible projects like the Blatnik Bridge will serve as reminders of the administration’s accomplishments by Election Day.

As Biden gears up for a potential rematch with Trump, he faces the challenge of convincing voters about his economic policies. Despite a surge in consumer sentiment, less than a third approve of his approach. However, recent improvements in sentiment, coupled with factors like cooling inflation and a strong labor market, provide a positive narrative the campaign aims to promote.

Biden’s team believes a clearer contrast with Trump’s predictions of an economic crash under Biden’s watch will strengthen their argument. An endorsement from the United Auto Workers adds to their strategy, framing Trump as against the union’s values.

Campaign at ‘full steam’

Despite these efforts, the campaign’s economic message faces the challenge of resonating with voters, especially as Trump presents his own economic case heading into November.

To enhance communication, Biden’s team has tested new tactics, including direct interactions with everyday Americans who’ve benefited from his policies.

Despite ongoing challenges, the campaign anticipates that as wages rise and inflation drops, voters will recognize the positive impact of Biden’s work.

With key battleground state operations intensifying, the Biden campaign plans to be at “full steam” by early summer, deploying thousands of staffers. Biden’s visit to Wisconsin, where he beat Trump by over 9 points in 2020, signals a focus on retaining support in critical areas.

As the campaign progresses, Biden’s team is exploring innovative ways to reach voters through social networks, aiming to build on the positive economic narrative in the lead-up to the general election.

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