Singapore — A video of a female taxi driver having a breakdown while dealing with a passenger recording the scene is circulating online, garnering criticisms from netizens on the one-sided story.

The video was first posted on Instagram page singapore_incidents on Wednesday (Sept 1) and shared on other social media platforms.

The footage began with the auntie already shouting.

“Why (are) you so racist? Why you do like this?”, asked a male passenger.

The auntie replies in an exasperated manner that the passenger was scolding her.

“I’m not scolding you,” said the passenger.

The auntie continues screaming, and after a few moments, the passenger asks for the receipt.

“Print the receipt… Relax!” said the passenger.

Meanwhile, the auntie replies, “Complain! Complain! Complain! Complain! Complain!”

“Why (are) you shouting? Hey, calm down lah,” said the passenger.

The post caption noted, “This video brings to question what happen(ed) that triggered the woman to the point she snapped.”

“The man’s behaviour is an obvious effort to act innocent.”

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“The cam guy later uploaded this clip onto the internet where he hoped the video will cause the aunty some embarrassment and hoped that by releasing the video, it would support his cause,” said Facebook page Sgfollowall.

With over 220 comments, members from the online community noted the video showed a one-sided story because it “takes both hands to clap.”

“Another one-sided story trying to sabotage the poor taxi driver,” said Facebook user Wacky Wacko.

“We all know that in Singapore, taxi drivers are not able to take a video of passenger, but passenger can do so and pretend to act like a virgin when taking the video.

LTA should look into these like installing a voice recording device at least to protect both taxi driver and passenger rights.”

“She pleaded with him not to scold her anymore. This guy must/could have been scolding her,” observed Facebook user Shue A Lin.

Another netizen added, “The passenger must have said something to trigger her, he could speak Mandarin, but he purposely spoke English while recording this as he intended to make this viral. Why she scold him ‘pervert,’ what did he say or do to her?”

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Netizens advised the auntie to file a police report after what happened. /TISG

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ByHana O